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The problems surrounding youth sports and strategies for coaches, parents and administrators to develop youth athletes into well-mannered and physically literate adults. A child should never quit a sport he or she loves because it simply is no longer fun

We Will Win or Lose as a TEAM

We will win or lose as a TEAM. Over the course of the 20+ years of coaching various sports one of the messages that I have shared with all of the players of the teams I coached is the importance that we would win or lose as a TEAM. Nothing ...
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Early Sport Specialization does more harm than good 2018

As I am doing the final tweaks to my presentation for my talk at the upcoming Sport for Life Annual Summit in a couple of weeks, I have done some more research on early sport specialization vs. LTAD and thought would be good to do an update to prior post ...
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Make it Safe 2018

Make it Safe from all forms of harassment In many of my talks with coaches and parents I share 5 key takeaways, one being we must make it safe to fail and from all forms of harassment. The latter is the focus of this post, an expanded version of prior ...
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In recent year’s there has been a large emphasis by various sports groups how kids have replaced their former active play time with inactive screen time. Now kids between the ages of 8-18 spend on average of 7.5 hours in front of a screen based on all the electronic mediums ...
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Thanks Coach

As we are approaching the holidays break, I wanted to take the opportunity to extend thanks to all the great coaches and teachers out there that commit 100's, if not thousands of volunteer hours so that kids can have the opportunity to play their respective sports they love. Having been ...
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2017 State of Play in the USA and Canada

I just received a copy of Aspen Institutes State of Play Report for 2017 and total Team Sport Participation Rates in the USA continue to decline, now 37% in 2017 so another 2% drop from 2016 and 13% decrease since 2011 Core Participation in Select Sports Majority of team sports ...
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What are the characteristics of great coaches?

In every talk I do I ask coaches the following question: What are the top 3 characteristics of the greatest coach/teacher/boss you ever had (or still may have)? In hindsight, if I had kept track of the responses from every talk I would have had a 10 Year + Longitudinal ...
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Why do Officials “Officiate”?

Why do Officials “Officiate”? I recently came across the 2017 National Sports Officiating Study that surveyed over 17,000 officials in various sports in the USA. Below is a summary of the results that youth sport coaches, parents and even players should be made aware of so that we can reduce ...
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Why do you Coach?

  Why do you Coach? Every talk that I do with coaches I start with an exercise where I ask the coaches to answer the following questions. Your Name? Your Organization? Team/Level you are coaching? Why do you coach? I do so for the following reasons’ To Cater the materials ...
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