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"Young people need models, not critics"
- John Wooden

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umpire at baseball game

What Else Discourages Amateur Officials?

By Glen Mulcahy

What Else Discourages Amateur Officials? The life of an amateur umpire explained by long-time official Michael Yamaguchi April 04, 2017 Over many years as a sports official for various leagues and in numerous provincial and national championships, I have been […]

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Why Officials Quit

By Glen Mulcahy

Why Officials Quit Attrition rates for youth sport refs and umpires is too high Glen Mulcahy March 13, 2017 Recently, I came across some statistics about hockey officials’ attrition rate in Canada. Did you know that there are approximately 30,000 […]

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empty hockey net

Why Kids Quit Hockey

By Glen Mulcahy

Why Kids Quit Hockey The 5 core reasons why kids quit playing minor hockey Glen Mulcahy March 11, 2017 After a CBC Radio interview, I was asked why kids are dropping sports in record numbers and in particular, hockey.  So […]

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kid in back of car getting lectured by father on performance at practice

The Ride Home

By Glen Mulcahy

The Ride Home Is coaching from the car really helping our children? Glen Mulcahy January 10, 2017 One of the least talked about, but I believe is one of the biggest contributors to why kids quit sports is the ride […]

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“Your insight into creating and encouraging an active, healthy and safe community is truly appreciated. On behalf of the school of kinesiology, we thank you again for your insight and look forward to seeing you again next year!”

- 2017 UBC Career Fair Committee

"Glen came in and immediately everyone in the room knew they were in for a great day! From his physical presence, voice tone and delivery everyone was plugged in and engaged. His ability to shift between dry factual content and interesting personal experience seamlessly had everyone engaged and entertained!"

Mark McColman


"Thank you Glen, we really appreciated having you here yesterday.  I think the message came through and clear to our coaches – you did a great job sharing your passion for the kids. Thanks again for your time and message!"

Ana Arciniega

Executive Director

“We truly need to make changes in sports for our children’s future.  I enjoyed your anecdotal presentation, supported by your fact finding analysis. Thank you for sharing your passion and forward thinking.  As the founder of a grassroots hockey program, I share your sentiments of bringing fun and excitement back to sports.”

Norm Flynn

Founder & Executive Director

youth rugby player escaping a tackle

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Children and youth are replacing active play time with inactive screen time and it's lowering the life expectancy of an entire generation.

Do we really want to leave this legacy behind? We need to bring the game back to the kids so they can develop physical skills to stay healthy for life.